liboddl: a C parser the Open Data Description Language

liboddl is a small and relatively efficient C library to parse the Open Data Description Language.


You will need flex to build, only tested on linux but everything being written in pure ANSI C, portability is not expected to be an issue.


You can clone the repository here.

Once clone, cd into the repository and simply type: make install

If you want to install it system-wide, populate the environment variable $PREFIX, for instance: $PREFIX=/usr make install

By default, liboddl will be installed in your $HOME/.local. Since liboddl declares itself to the system with the use of pkg-config, make sure to amend your $PKG_CONFIG_PATH to make it aware of the location of liboddl.pc. By default, this will be $HOME/.local/lib.

You can make sure that liboddl is correctly installed by typing: pkg-config liboddl


Once properly installed, you can include liboddl/liboddl.h in your source file, and build with -L<install prefix> -loddl (or whatever the output of pkg-config --libs liboddl is).

Please refer to the source code for documentation, in particular, check out liboddl.h. It is written and designed to be easily understandable by anyone with some notions of C.

Created and maintained by syg.